How to reduce the RISKS in international business


Today, I’m going to say how to select the right supplier, because I think every customer must know how to select the right supplier for themselves. But I want to say, it’s risky if you only pay attention to the price when you buy the products, it may not the quality you want.

Did you hear of FISHING LINKS? In recent years, we meet more and more the links like that, the email title is ORDER, BIG ORDER, then there’s one links attached in the email to ask us to click into and sign in our email and password. When we meet this, we must delete the emails, NO HESITATE. If we do according to their commands, then we'll be trapped, it’s like FISHING. What’s the danger if we do that? If we really do that, then the cheater will steal our email and our information, then to contact with the customers, for what? MONEY, of course, when it’s time to pay for the payment, they’ll send their account instead of the original account and the email address looks almost the same as supplier’s email also the name titile shown is the same, and some cusotmers if they dont pay much attention, then the money will be sent to the cheater's account, at that time, supplier and cusomters all lose, and as I know many customers meet the same case, it’s not our clients, I heard many these cases, it’s really bad, and it’s very difficult to track back the money. So please be awared that be careful to arrange the payment if your supplier’s account changed, the best way is call them to confirm everything not only through emails.

And nowadays, normally, we (WELKIN) adopt our company account to collect the payment, anyway, good luck and enjoy your day!

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