Aluminum Alloy

  • DC-001
  • DC-001

> Item DC-001A/B/C, 2-section adjustment, 2-section speed, max open angle reaches 180°, It can be positioning stop when it reaches 90-160°. It can be directly installed on the door which can be opened on the left or right, applicable for home, hotels and restaurants, etc.
> Item DC-001D, 3-section adjustment, the first two sections can adjust the speed according to the angle, the third section can adjust the resistance of pushing door to protect the door. It can be directly installed on the left and right door, and it's applicable for home and hotel.
> High strength aluminum alloy body, pass over 300,000 times of open/close test. 

Type L W C1 C2 Max Door Width Max Load Weight
Stop/Non-stop 230-280 56 132 19 900 MM 35 KG
Stop/Non-stop 230-280 62 162 19 1000 MM 45 KG
Stop/Non-stop 250-280 68 188 19 1200 MM 65 KG
Stop/Non-stop 250-280 73 205 19 1500 MM 85-100 KG

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